Olomouc Region
Culture Award ‘23

Olomouc Region Culture Award 23

Olomouc, our base, is a little big city, the heart of the Olomouc region in which grass root creative initiatives and established cultural platforms strive as well as struggle. As we consider ourselves players in the field of the local cultural and creative sector, we couldn’t be more happy to be commissioned with designing the 2023 trophies of the Olomouc Region Culture Award.

Inspired by buildings where culture resides - theatres, museums and gallery spaces around the region, their lines and curves, the trophies are meant to amalgamate the traditional and the contemporary, complementary concepts in glass making and culture alike. The awardees have received original functional objects, so to say material testimonies to their input in the cultivation of the region, that have a touch of the fluid and flexible, which we consider as essential attributes of culture and arts.

David Valner
Type of cooperation.
Design and production of glass trophies

Founded by the artist and designer David Valner.

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