David Valner Studio is a collective of artists, designers, and artisans: a family anchored in the values of creativity, craftiness, and utmost respect for glass as an infinitely inspirational material. Designer and CEO David Valner, his partner, photographer Tereza Valnerová, his father Aleš Valner, founder and owner of Valner Glass Production glassworks, and a team of expert glass makers, colleagues and supporters.

In the very heart of Europe, the Eastern part of the Czech Republic, they have joined forces in searching for the common language between the traditional and the innovative, bringing to life unique glass objects inspired by nature and the ephemeral beauty of everydayness. Valner Studio is a family hub where in-depth knowledge of traditional technology embraces bold and innovative approaches, translating into original collections, each of them a story worth to be told. A story told through glass.



*1990, based in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Founder and owner of Valner Studio, David Valner has a background in glass design, sculpture, fine arts, and interactive media. His professional profile extends from interactive objects and videos reflecting the cycle of society’s relation to mass production and the beauty and absurdity of the ordinary, to sculpture, and glass designing, the latest being his predominant focus in recent years. 

David has grown up in a glassmaker family, in the midst of a swarm of traditional artisans-glass lovers, feeling and watching  the physical and metaphorical fire of creation. At the centre of his current approach to glass stands respect for the material as an originally free and fluid mass. Endlessly inspired by nature, he creates collections of objects in which each item is an original and defects are embraced as deeply meaningful and inspirational testimonies to artisan glass making as opposed to mass production. 




*1989, based in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Tereza is a critical communication channel of Valner Studio, telling and selling the unique glass objects through original photography.

A graduate of Advertising photography, Tereza is a devoted photographer celebrating the values of authenticity and free-spirited atmosphere at the photoshoot across a diversity of photographic genres. Whether she captures close bonds between people, humans and nature and objects, or an introspective relation to oneself, Tereza insists on empathy towards the depicted, awareness of the depth of situations and formal purity.

Founded by the artist and designer David Valner.

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