Memoriae - Handmade glass urns.

“To find beauty in the sad, hope in the midst of loss, and dignity in failure is great poetic art.” David Mamet

Art is not only the fifth element of life but also death. Memories can survive centuries when embodied in artefacts and pieces of art.

The brand MEMORIAE is driven by the conviction that each life is unique and deserves to be remembered in a unique way. Urns designed with utmost respect and consideration to the gravity of the function are hand made with traditional glass techniques. The minimalist morphology and colour range vary in three series: Globe, Tumulus a Monumentum.

The collaborative brand MEMORIAE is anchored in David Valner's creative design and Valner Glass Production as a guarantee of top-quality glass making.

David Valner
Type of cooperation.
Design, prototyping 
and conception 
of the Memoriae brand

Founded by the artist and designer David Valner.

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