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Grand Hotel Quellenhof, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.

The Grand Hotel Quellenhof in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, is a place of immersive ambiance and style. A five star hotel and a spa with a tradition dating back to 1242 prides in a holistic approach to health and wellness as well as architecture and interior design. It is a place that acknowledges a deep connection to nature - so does our collection Structured by Nature, now physically present in each of the hotel rooms and the hotel lobby.

Structured by Nature is a series of vases inspired by trees in the country of David Valner’s childhood, the Czech-Moravian Highlands. Altogether 180 red and blue-green 75-centimetre tall vases are now organic, yet proud elements of the Grand Hotel Quellenhof interior, together with 140 large bowls and 250 tiny bowls to equip all hotel bathrooms. An imprint of Czech nature and glassmaking tradition in the holistic precision of the Switzerlands.

David Valner
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Design and production of customised glass objects for interior spaces
Grand Hotel Quellenhof,  Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
Interior Design.
Interior Design

Founded by the artist and designer David Valner.

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