A luxury concept in the very centre of Prague, the Andaz hotel is a space vibrating with designer elements. When commissioned with a site-specific intervention for the hotel lobby, the central idea for us to explore was to disturb the canon of the geometric space and go beyond the format of the two niches that host the glass installation.

The result is a glass metaphor of going beyond the limits of expectations. The same as our life paths are paved with the unexpected, the components of the objects are irregular, hard to define shapes. The core structure is vertical, symbolising a climax and an anticlimax - an adventurous path to the peak and the way down, towards harmony and tranquillity. Like human desire, one of life's driving forces, the objects swarm uncontrollably over the surrounding walls as if in an effort to conquer space.

The Valner imprint in the hotel also comprises a collection of designer accessories from the studio’s collections Fungus and Recovered.

David Valner
Type of cooperation.
Design and production of customised glass objects for interior spaces
Vienna, Austria
Andaz Hotel
Prague, Czechia
Interior Design.
Brime Robbins

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