With the goal to nurture creativity, the perfume brand 1511 is dedicated to the diverse world of art and design. Under the creative direction of the founder Eka Iukuridze, 1511 brings together unique artisans from around the world to indulge in multidisciplinary collaborations. Each artistic project gives rise to an exceptional sensorial experience, be it a poetic film, a sculpture, or a perfume. The first collaboration has brought together a perfumer, an astrologer and a glass designer, which is where we come to the play.

Applying modern as well as traditional glass making techniques, we have carefully handcrafted each perfume bottle as a one-of-a-kind art piece, varying in capacity, texture, tonality and form. The starting point was our collection Structured by Nature, fuelled by the scents of the 12 niche perfumes and the story of 1511 as told by founder Eka Iukuridze.

The complex experience covered the creation of glass and brass bottles, the packaging concept, as well as long in-depth brainstormings with inspiring people. After five years of in-depth multi-sensory research, here we are, with a unique, detail-oriented project - bottles with timeless artistic value that can be refilled or repurposed as a vase.

And the perfumes are just the beginning…

David Valner
Type of cooperation.
Design and prototyping of glass and brass perfume bottles
Creative director, founder.
Eka Iukuridze

Founded by the artist and designer David Valner.

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