The history of a glass factory and its production, recorded in a series of objects that go by the label Recovered.”

Inspired by the unique aesthetic qualities of waste produced in glassmaking, the collection transforms residual material into new shapes and meanings, while preserving its distinctive character. The objects in the Recovered and Recovered.history series bear the traces of the singular aesthetics of glass destroyed deliberately, in a controlled manner. The colour scheme is a visual manuscript of the history of glass production at Valner glass making studio.

The collection is a result of three strikingly different processing techniques - three particular approaches to waste material, aiming at a playful and slightly exaggerated shift in the aesthetic perspective of the client - the one who looks, and the producer - the one who creates.

Products with defect

Quality inspection is an integral part of the process at the glassworks. In handmade custom production, about 10% of products will not pass the check due to various defects, from large bubbles to the so-called “stones”, unmelted pieces of raw materials. These products have made it to the home stretch, yet they have to be thrown into a waste container.
To us, they are an immense source of inspiration. The cold defective product is put back into the mold from which it has arisen and new hot glass is “blown” into it. A thermal shock cracks the original product and brings to life a unique decor of the new object.

David Valner
Handcrafted glass


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