Fungus Pedestal Table

“The fungi kingdom, an infinite source of the novel and the unexpected”

Glass tables that come in diverse organic shapes are a follow-up to the objects in the Fungus and Polypore series. Inspired by the heterogeneous world of fungi and molds, the tables’ colours and shapes reference notoriously known forest mushrooms as well as single-cell fungal microorganisms inspected through a microscope.

The key glass components that define the visual of experience are hand shaped, created with a traditional technique that allows for two or more colours to create a continuous transition. The steel structure likewise echoes the world of nature and, just like the glass, takes a rounded organic form. The table tops come in two variants to choose from, either stone or glass.

The fungus table is the moment when you enter the woods and breathe in the kingdom of fungi. With all the novelty and the unexpected in shapes and colour combinations, it is an incessant source of visual inspiration. There is so much still to discover and the tables are therefore just the beginning, the first step in the series of glass furniture that we will present in the future.

David Valner
handcrafted glass, metal, granite, polyurethane foam


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